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About Our Advisory Council

Members of  Advisory  Council play an important role in the strategy and operations of  Paella for the World. We greatly appreciate their dedication and service.Marilou HalvorsenPresident at New Jersey Restaurant Association(NJRA). With 20+ years in the tourism and entertainment industry,  Marilou Halvorsen is currently a board member (and former president) of the New Jersey Travel Industry Association and Jersey Shore Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.  She has also been the former Chair of the Governor’s Tourism Conference and Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission.–—————————————Charlie Toms

Charlie Toms, a wine expert, is particularly savvy about New Jersey’s wine scene. He is also the New Jersey Correspondent for the American Winery Guide, and has written articles on all 48 of the wineries in the state. Charlie has a strong interest in wines made from uncommon varieties of grapes, and other rarely-used fruit.———————————————————–Ali T. Curi

 Ali Curi is the founder and president of the Hispanic Professionals Networking Group (HPNG). Founded in 2003, HPNG is a networking and conference producing organization dedicated to the education and advancement of Latino business leaders, corporate professionals and entrepreneurs in New York and Miami.


Diego De la RosaDiego De La Rosa  is a well known chef  in New Jersey. Born in  Spain, he is presently owner of  Paella Party LLC, offering one of the best catering services  in the tri-state area. He began his career working in the most prestigious  restaurants in Barcelona, Spain. During the last twenty five years Chef De La Rosa has been dedicated to promoting the Mediterranean diet in many other cities in the United States.—————————————————————- María De La RosaMaría De La Rosa is Co-owner of  Paella Party LLC, a family catering business founded since 1998. Maria is also an Event Planner and Coordinator. She has been in the restaurant business for 25 years alongside her husband Chef Diego De La Rosa. Born in Cuba and raised in New Jersey, Maria  always adds a Caribbean touch to all her dishes. —————————————————————- Serafín SarduyChef Sarduy(1)Serafin Sarduy is one of the best latin chefs in the United States. Although his culinary specialties is preparing a wide range of international dishes, Chef Sarduy is well known for his contributions to Cuban fusion cuisine. He is presently Executive Chef/Administrator at the Esquina Latina Restaurant in New Brunswick, N.J——————————————————- Adhemar Montagne1000759_10151849343994881_563549174_nRespected news anchor and  TV reporter.  Adhemar Montagne has been anchoring the morning news for NY1 Noticias, the Spanish-language spin-off of Time Warner Cable’s NY1 News, and the city’s first 24/7 Spanish-language news channel, since it launched on June 30, 2003. He has also worked for TV channels such as Univision and Telemundo.———————————————–Marcelo Contreras Marcelo Contreras is an Uruguayan entrepreneur. Also owns a well-known  pasta factory in his country and founder of, website dedicated to providing information, advice and training about making homemade pasta. ———————————————— Armando  AñelMr. Armando Añel is a writer, editor and journalist. He is a founder and Managing Director of  Neo Club Ediciones, a publishing company and internet broadcast advertising headquartered in Miami. In 1999 he won first prize essay of the German foundation Friedrich Naumann.  Armando  is also a successful ghostwriter.–—————————————————-Andrés LehuedéTrade Manager at Trade Commission of Chile in New York. Andres is also a talented musician, loves good food and is capable of cooking the best Chilean-style paella.